5 Tips to Google to Stop Facebookization of the Web

Google is GOD. It is good and open. Google’s moto is ‘Be No Evil’. It is one company that has changed the way people use Web.

I feel, Google was trying to undo everything that Microsoft and Apple did for 15 years. It made computers as just consoles, where the operation, storage etc. are centralized. The search giant pushed Cloud computing to the limits and many people thought the battle was won.

But the battle is far from over. Facebook and Apple have come on the way of Google’s vision of putting everything on Web, and make it open. Apple brought the biggest concept called the Apps with its iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Facebook on its part became the biggest platform for apps on the planet. Much bigger than a OS!

Image Credit: dreamgrow.com

Google has almost succeeded in pushing Apple to the corner again in Smartphone market with Android. It is trying to do the same with Tablet market through Chrome Web OS.

The company has, however, failed fighting Facebook. The search giant owns Youtube, Orkut, Google Buzz, Blogger, and Picasa in Social Media space. But sadly Facebook serves more people than all of these combined, and Google is in downward spiral when it comes to Social Network.

Here are my five tips to Eric and Google Team.

1. Follow Facebook Path and Change Orkut

Either buy Twitter or bring the Micro-blogging facility to Orkut. Orkut looks old and conservative. It does not fulfill the changing demand of the viral world.

I would suggest to copy all the major features of Facebook and give more. Work with Foursquare or integrate Google Maps to Orkut on the lines of the new location mapping trend.

2. Kill Google Buzz

Facebook’s main strength is oneness. It is just one and it is easy to learn and use.

Google has many Social Networks. Picasa, Blogger, Google Buzz and Orkut has to be one. Google has to first kill Buzz and bring the facility to Orkut. Thus making life simple for users.

Youtube can be integrated at the later stage but it too has to be done.

3. Kill all Skins

Any network that has given skins has died. Hi5 used to be great but when it introduced skins, it became very different.

The skins took longer time to load, and it did not give a feeling of oneness. When I went to friend’s profile, I felt I was out of Hi5. The problem was not only looks but finding relevant information took time.

4. Build APIs for Orkut and Other Social Networks

Google has wonderful APIs for many products like Google Charts, Google Maps, Google Translate etc but when it comes to Orkut, Buzz, Youtube or Blogger, it is nowhere close to Twitter and Facebook. This has to change.

5. Build App Store for Social Google

Let the App builders earn money and this can be easily made possible by launching a App Store for Google’s Social Networks. This can be a part of Web Store or a separate entity.

If Google wants to be big on Social Media, it has to work hard to make its biggest product strong. Orkut APIs equivalent to Facebook and Twitter has to come fast.

Ending Thoughts

I feel, somehow Google is following Yahoo’s path of getting too worried by the competition and trying to bring something new. This won’t work.

If Google can make Andorid and hit Apple, why can’t Orkut be made an Facebook equivalent to fight Facebook? There is simple no reason to it.

Google should stop the Buzz, Me and Wave dilemma and just serve the users need at Orkut. There is huge mass using Orkut and if Google can give good reasons to stay using it, people will stay.

Happy users will attract more users. WOW! Factor is neither possible nor needed.



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