7 Excellent Websites To Get Design Feedback Visually Instead Of Emailing Back And Forth



The best way to improve the design is to take positive criticism and constructive advises from others. But emailing back and forth is very time consuming that makes the whole process very uncomfortable. From last few years, so many tools have been arrived in the market that made designers’ jobs easier than ever before to get the design feedback from others. To cover this topic, we are listing down few excellent online tools to get design feedback that are free as well.

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Bounce is a little app that lets people quickly to add feedback to any webpage and toss that back and forth with other people.


Fivesecondtest is a usability testing tool that helps you measure the effectiveness of your designs. As tests are easy to setup and feedback is quick, this encourages an interative testing approach. No code is required, so Fivesecondtest can easily fit in with your existing design workflow.

Please Critique Me

Please Critique Me is a place where anybody can put their website to be criticized by the industry professionals. You would just need to submit their form with link(s) to your designs if you want to get feedback from experts.


Usabilla offers a fast and simple way to collect feedback in any stage of the design process.  You can ask your users simple questions to collect valuable feedback and discover usability issues. Use this One-Click-Tasks to measure task performance. Your users will simply share their feedback by clicking anywhere on your website, mockup, sketch, or image. Measure time, collect points, and get valuable feedback with notes.

Concept Feedback

With Concept Feedback, you can get design, usability, and marketing feedback from their community of online professionals.


Notable makes it possible to put your feedback directly on the webpage, highlighting your points exactly. With Notable you can quickly and easily give feedback on design, content, and code on any page of a website or application without leaving your browser.


As a designer you understand that presentation is important. Recurse is a simple solution to show clients your spiffy new design. By emulating a website with multiple flat images clients will have a better idea of what the composition will look like ‘in the wild’.


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