Create a student character mascot with Adobe Illustrator

Create a student character mascot with Adobe Illustrator

This is an intermediate Illustrator tutorial level where you can learn how to create a vector student character mascot from a sketch in Adobe Illustrator. The techniques can easily be applied to other character design, illustrations or icons.

Make a sketch or use mine for following steps.


1. Make a full contour the character.


2. Duplicate it and apply an “offset path” with 3px.


3. Make the following shape for coat with “Pen Tool”. You can draw it above the sketch. Apply a blue gradient to it. To use same colors like mine, use a free and simple color picker like “pixie“. Will be more easy for you to copy the code of color instead writing it.


4. Make the pants. Use the following gradient settings.


5. Make the legs shape, using same “Pen Tool”.


6. For shoes we will use three layers (in second one we mix and the socks). First shape:


7. Second one, with socks:


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8. Third one:


9. With “PenTool” and “Ellipse Tool” make the following shapes for laces.


10. Details for cloth. Same, use “PenTool” and “Ellipse Tool”.


11. For face, make a shape close to this and apply the gradient from screenshot. Same one like gradient for legs, just is “radial”.


12. The next shapes are used for face details:


13. Student hat shapes. The shadow shape is a black color shape with opacity at 40%.


Your vector character should look like this:


In case you want to add a shadow, copy the first layer created and add perspective.



Thanks for reading.

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2 responses to “Create a student character mascot with Adobe Illustrator

  1. Taylor

    Wow. I’m blown away by the final illustration. It looks good especially the colors and the shadings. I’ve been trying to apply the methods used to design something on my own but I failed big time. Somehow I couldn’t get the proportions right especially the torso. Mine looked rather bulbous. Go figure. But I decided on using a design site to make life easier ( I was surprised by what I got especially since the package was really affordable. I guess it was truly value for money. I won’t be designing stuff on my own anytime soon… Anyway, thanks for posting the tutorial.

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