Top 10 Most Beautiful Icon Sets For Free Download

by Vikas on September 6th, 2010

Today, the use of icons in websites and blogs is new upcoming feature in designing. This is most popular and important in web designing and designers taking full enjoy for making of these beautiful and attractive icons sets. If designers want to show their websites more beautiful and creative so they have to use these type of beautiful icons in websites.

We can see these icons sets used in social media websites and blogs mostly because you can connect your websites to social network easily. So you need to have a proper set of social media icons placed in your website.

A  few days ago, we had been provided 15 Most Beautiful Hand Drawn Icon Sets For Free Download.

So here in this post, I have done research and collected the best free icon sets to spice up your website. i hope you like these icons sets and Download your favorite icons and enjoy.


1) Pixelo Philia

2) Iconika Red Icons

3) Red Button Social Media Icons

4) Coquette Icons Set

5) Socialize Icons Set

6) Phoney Icons

7) Handy Light Icons

8 ) General Vector Icons

9) Colorful Stickers Icons Set

10) Pastel SVG Icons



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