What is social media marketing?

In my view of point one of the fine, greatest & easiest ways to market your business through internet is social media,  when we take this social media sites usual most of them use to share there opinion, joys, keep connect with people well known’s and unknown’s. but this day the intelligent and IT genius fount out that we can all so market our Business using social media. Those days internet was used to send documents and show documents using web protocol but this days the internet is the major part in most of themes life’s If we take a business man or a doctor or a engineer or a teacher or parent, those who are not in IT related jobs any how they use internet for the purpose.

So what am going to mansion is if we take this marketing source in social media, most of them using attractive words and picture, any how the world is now moderated so what client is accepts is most appreciated works, how is it if we take a engineer he can show that he construct buildings, if we take an accountant he can show the Experian’s that he got so far, so if we take a new product we cant tell the people that the product is best and most using one in this world, but we want to sale the product that’s up on marketing team. Buts these days the customers all so verified all the marketing personal making people fool by there talent.

How ever there is a way to market our product using our talent and the IT knowledge

That social media, what we need is have to create some accounts in such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Youtube, Flickr and Bloging in this most of them use to create account and sending information through there friends and the follower but that’s not much working system If we take now most of them use to market there company website sending some critical Emails, that’s all so wont work its filtering as spam now.

So what we do now for market our product we can have some account in public sites

First if we take facebook, we can have some interesting works within facebook community like introducing some poll, gifting games, & act. With this we can take the attraction of the customer. Mostly the companies use to have some status and keep them connect with. When we update our status we should ask the customers some comments or vote Example “the X product coming on 13th of December, what will be the special future or special thing on it” view your point>>>!!!! If a friend comment the other one all so seeing from that the community begin from there and the product spreading.

Like that if we take twitter we should have verified account first, how we gets a verified account we should have more followers than following list, if we have a verified account normally twitter brings up to the top list.

So this is the point in this world most of them are now on in internet to do there work such as gaming, buying, & EST.

Soon can view other part, sorry for stop here

Thank you.


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Web Designer & Front-end Developer with Social Media Marketing & SEO

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