2011 New Year Wallpapers [60+] from DA

This wallpapers where choose from in Deviantart.com,

To visit the Designers Profile you can view by click on the wallpaper.

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Top 10 WordPress Themes Of August 2010 For Free Download

Today we are providing Free WordPress themes of august 2010 . WP themes are always been a favorite topic among the web designers an developers. With the help of these themes designs can design any type of website such as ecommerce, blog, magazine, portfolio and coffee blog designs.  These WordPress themes have attractive layout designs and beautiful colors and lot of useful features. I hope every body like these freebies and useful stuff and appreciate the designs for this wonderful work. This will be most useful for upcoming designers, because they can change layouts according to their design skills and brush up their wordpress design skills. if you know any other which you feel suits in this list. Please be kind and feel free to share with out readers in the comments section below.

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Explaining The Social Media Consultant Onslaught

People love to bitch about there being an overabundance of social media consultants our there on the internet.

5 Reasons People Bitch About The Abundance Of Social Media Consultants

  1. They think they are opportunists just out for quick money
  2. They think they are talentless
  3. They think they have no experience
  4. They think they are annoying (pushy/egocentric)
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My first blog post WOW!! (And what make me to write)

I’m 20 years old Graphic and Web Designer, From Sri Lanka. To know more about me visit my website www.desginnecode.co.cc, this is my first blog post I’m writing. I think most of them will be happy to read it and enjoy this post because there are many happy situations that I mat before I write this post.

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How To Write A Blog Post (or how I do it)

As you can imagine, I spend a lot of my time writing blog posts. I write them for us, for outside industry sites and for clients. Luckily, blogging is something that I really enjoy and, because I do it so much, I’ve been able to create a pretty effective process for getting the words out and the posts up. When I was fishing for blog topics on Twitter last week, a few people suggested I perhaps write about how I go about writing posts and share any best practices I’ve found for making it easier. I thought I’d share my framework. Continue reading

How To Create A Vibrant Image Using Photoshop

In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to add more energy and dynamism to a photo. The effects can be extended and used on a multitude of photos to create a feeling of motion and vibrancy to a static image.

The tutorial was created and written by renowned artist Mike Harrison (a.k.a. destill) and this is his first tutorial for a blog. His work has been featured in Computer Arts and Advanced Photoshop magazines.

OK, enough of an introduction, and on with the tutorial…

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