My first blog post WOW!! (And what make me to write)

I’m 20 years old Graphic and Web Designer, From Sri Lanka. To know more about me visit my website, this is my first blog post I’m writing. I think most of them will be happy to read it and enjoy this post because there are many happy situations that I mat before I write this post.

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20 Playful Interactive Website Design Inspiration FROM

Companies go for the integrated marketing nowadays: all channels are exploited, and the virtual medium has much to offer. Advertising has reached new shores and the targeted clients are more and more skeptical about products. What other environment, if not the exponentially-developing world wide web, is more likely to be more and more competitive as days go by?

20 Playful Interactive Website Design Inspiration

The design, the originality, the well-crafted ensemble, the art inspired, are, as this blog sure points out, the prerogative for good competitive sites. Nothing is left out in a world where possibilities are only limited by imagination. Continue reading

35+ Unique & Interesting Product Packaging Designs from |

35+ Unique & Interesting Product Packaging Designs

Over the years, graphic designers and product designers have been creatively inventing new forms of packaging to maximize the function of a product packaging. For the past decade, hundreds of award winning packaging designs have been showcased and displayed in public. New products are invented every single day, and it demands more creativity in developing a unique product packaging design that will have

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5 Small Biz Web Design Trends to Watch | Grace Smith (Mashable)

The importance of having an attractive website that converts visitors into buyers and helps cleverly promote your small business is essential in these fiercely competitive times.

Your website has to capture a visitor’s attention, entice him or her to stay and browse around, create an interest in your product or service, and result in sales. For small businesses with limited time and budgets, design is an essential factor in both attracting and converting potential customers.

With this in mind, here are five current design trends that most small businesses can utilize to great effect.

1. Minimalism

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